GOTO Chicago 2019

Thursday May 2
09:00 –

Up and Running with Elixir

Elixir offers functional programming on the Erlang VM, with a Ruby-like syntax that feels familiar to many programmers. The web application ecosystem is particularly strong, with tools like Phoenix, Ecto, and Absinthe enabling many forward-thinking software companies to adopt Elixir in earnest.

In this hands-on interactive workshop, you'll embark on a whirlwind tour through Elixir, including the language (data types, control flow, pattern matching, pipe operator), functional programming (immutability), platform (processes, Erlang interop), and tooling (Mix, Hex, IEx, ExUnit). And you'll leave with some clear next steps on your journey to Elixir proficiency.

We’ll be coding throughout the workshop, so come with the prerequisites below, and be ready to get up and running with Elixir! Prerequisites

Install the latest version of Elixir using the official guide ( Verify your installation via elixir --version at the command line.

Bring your laptop, and be ready to write some code!

Colin Jones
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