Fabio Pereira
Red Hat
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2020

Fabio is a TEDx speaker and coach, futurist and technologist focused on people. He has a dream to become a billionaire, but not financially — he wishes to positively impact the lives of a billion digital citizens. His innovative and provoking thinking about the brain science behind the digital world have allowed him to speak at several conferences and events in Australia, the United States, China, Germany and Brazil. Fabio is the head of Open Innovation Labs Latin America at Red Hat. Fabio has over 18 years of experience, 10 of those at ThoughtWorks Australia where he acted as digital transformation advisor for several clients including the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency. He's also the author of the book Digital Nudge. Fabio is passionate about human behavior and believes that understanding the hidden forces that drive the 35 thousand decisions we make every day can drastically change our lives.

Topic: UX , Behavior

Books Published: Digital Nudge

Previous Talks: The Hidden Forces that Shape our Digital Decisions - GOTO Berlin

Tech Specialties: UX, Behavior

Talks at GOTO Chicago 2020

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