Charlie Hunt
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2020

Charlie Hunt
JVM Engineer at Oracle and lead author of “Java Performance”

Charlie Hunt is a JVM Engineer at Oracle leading Java and JVM projects with a focus on reducing memory footprint while maintaining application throughput and latency. He is also the lead author of Java Performance, published in 2011, and co-author of the Java Performance Companion, published in 2016. He serves as a regular presenter at the JavaOne conference where he has been recognized as a Java Rockstar. Prior to leading JVM projects for Oracle, Charlie held numerous performance positions including the Performance Engineering Architect at, and HotSpot VM Performance Architect at Oracle and Sun Microsystems.

  • Topic: Java Performance
  • Books Published: Java Performance (Forewords by James Gosling and Steve Wilson)
  • Previous Companies (Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Salesforce, Oracle)
  • Previous Talks: GOTO 2014 Speaker
  • Specialties:
  • 25+ years of software development work ranging from software architecture, design, implementation, deployment and systems engineering.
  • 20 years of proven capabilities to "making software applications run faster", most notable Java applications.
  • 20 years of Java & JVM tuning expertise.
  • Lead author of "Java Performance" book, the most recent and up to date material on Java performance tuning.
  • Frequent presenter on Java performance topics at a variety of world wide conferences.
  • Numerous patents.


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