Tuesday Oct 24
11:50 –
Breakout room 2

Training AI Models for Industrial Inspection Using NVIDIA TAO and Pre-Trained Models

In the realm of industrial quality assurance, high accuracy is paramount. AI-driven visual inspection not only offers the potential for enhanced precision but also expands the capabilities of traditional inspection systems. Nevertheless, the inherent challenges of industrial scenarios can make model training daunting. This session will guide attendees through the process of using NVIDIA's TAO and pre-trained models to achieve this high accuracy. Delve into practical strategies and insights on harnessing these tools for a variety of industrial tasks, ensuring the utmost standard in visual quality inspection.

Alvin Clark is Global Developer Relations for the Industrial market at NVIDIA. Alvin started his career as a design engineer before moving on to technical sales and marketing. He has worked with customers across multiple industries on applications ranging from satellite systems and surgical robots to deep-sea submersibles. Alvin holds an engineering degree from the University of California, San Diego, and is currently pursuing a master's degree at Georgia Tech.

computer vision
machine learning (ML)