Wednesday Oct 25
14:50 –
Keynote room

Provenance in AI

Garrett is an independent consultant specializing in machine learning application and program development with over 25 years experience in software and systems engineering. He is the creator of Guild AI, an open source toolkit for running, tracking and comparing machine learning experiments. Guild AI is used by machine learning developers to rapidly improve their models through automated training and testing. Garrett also founded Chicago ML, a 3,500 member organization of machine learning practitioners, researchers and students.

Prior to his work in machine learning, Garrett ran operations for CloudBees Java Platform as a Service. There he built the back-end systems responsible for thousands of business critical applications and databases in a high availability, high performance environment. Garrett uses Python in his machine learning work but looks forward to the day he can resume use of his favorite language, Erlang. He is a frequent teacher, speaker and event organizer in support of best practices in applied machine learning and AI.

artificial intelligence (AI)
machine learning (ML)
open source