Tuesday Oct 24
14:50 –
Breakout room 2

A Deep Dive into Generative AI

It's time to dive! Join Adi Polak in exploring the intricate world of Generative AI. Uncover the cutting-edge techniques, applications, and challenges driving this transformative technology. Gain a profound understanding of how Generative AI shapes the future of creativity and innovation. And most importantly, how to build your ML system.

Adi Polak is a worldwide expert in the field of Data & AI. As a seasoned engineer and industry leader, Adi shapes the future for hands-on builders. She serves on multiple program committees: DAIS by Databricks, Current by Confluent, and Scale by the Bay, among others. She is the author of O’Reilly’s “Scaling Machine Learning with Spark” book. Adi gained her experience by conducting research for IBM, Deutsche Telekom, & working for Fortune 500 and startup companies.

artificial intelligence (AI)
generative AI
machine learning (ML)
data science