David D. Cox
Speaker at GOTO AI Days Chicago 2023

David Cox is well awarded researcher, the Director of Exploratory AI Research at IBM Research, and the IBM Director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. The Lab brings together researchers at IBM with faculty at MIT to tackle hard problems at the vanguard of AI. It is a first of its kind industry-academic collaboration between IBM and MIT, focused on fundamental research in artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining IBM, Cox was the Associate Professor of the Natural Sciences and of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, where he led a laboratory with the mission of studying the biological underpinnings of intelligence and using those insights to design artificially intelligent systems. While at Harvard, he co-founded several AI startups, including DeepHealth (acquired by RadNet, Inc.) which developed multiple FDA-cleared AI-based medical imaging solutions which have been deployed at scale.

Talks at GOTO AI Days Chicago 2023