GOTO Chicago Fall 2019

Wednesday Nov 13
09:00 –

Introduction to Design Thinking

In an agile project, we focus on solid execution of an MVP and spend a lot of our energy focusing on building the thing, right.

Design Thinking helps us earlier in the process, understanding the needs of our users, clarifying the problems we want to solve, making sure we’re building the right thing.

If you’ve ever gone deep on a project, only to find out that it doesn’t really deliver the value that you hoped for, you’ve experienced the true need of Design Thinking in your software process. Created as a four-step, double-diamond framework, Design Thinking walks you through understanding the real needs you need to meet, then refining a solution against them.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with the skills you need to confidently develop new products or services. We’ll start by introducing you to the double-diamond framework, then put each step into action with a series of activities designed to explore the problem, empathize with the users, generate ideas and map out solutions.

Who should attend? Developers, designers and product owners who want to learn more about user research, design thinking and storyboarding solutions. If you’re trying to move your company forward, this workshop will give you a framework for doing it effectively.

Level: This will serve as an introduction to design thinking and the exercises that make it possible. It will give you the tools to start implementing this process in your own company. No prior knowledge is required, just a desire to do what’s best for the user.

Mark Rickmeier
CEO at Table XI and founder of "Walkshop Retreats"
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