About GOTOpia Chicago 2021

The GOTOpia conference format was created in March 2020 to make sure our community could continue learning from the brightest minds in tech remotely. Our goal has been to redefine what it means to hold an online conference, and over a series of GOTOpias throughout 2020, we landed on the most effective and engaging way to bring GOTO into the new state of the world. GOTOpia conferences are everything you love about GOTO, all delivered online.

Here’s a snapshot of how past GOTOpia attendees feel about these conferences:

  • 96% of attendees said they would attend another GOTOpia
  • 95% said the event either met or exceeded their expectations
  • Speakers, keynotes, breakout talks, networking sessions and the overall experience all received an average of more than 4 out 5

In 2021 our aim is to raise the bar even further...

What past attendees thought
GOTOpia is an online conference like no other. But don't take our word for it, here's what past attendees have said:

"A great example of a virtual conference that actually felt like a conference, with interaction with real people – not just a bunch of webinars to watch. Kudos to the GOTO team."
Robin Moffatt, senior developer advocate at Confluent

"The combination of topics, sessions and speakers is really great. It is the essence of GOTO in an online format!"
Michael Repplinger, team leader at Dillinger

More about GOTO Conferences
GOTO Conferences brings together software innovators and thought leaders to highlight the technologies, methodologies and skills you need to build systems of the future. Each conference program is curated for developers, by developers and covers the full stack of software development, including DevOps and Security and emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Serverless. Our speakers are leading industry experts who will both inspire you and help you learn the practical know-how to advance your skills!

Creation of the program
We organize GOTO Conferences with a program committee of respected industry experts who are defining technology today and pushing trends for the future. Our conferences are vendor independent, but we do have a few sponsored talks. We do not have a formal 'Call for Papers', but we are always happy to receive input. If you'd like to be considered as a speaker for a GOTO conference, please fill out this form.

All talks and topics are selected with the goal to inspire and advise on the optimization of business critical IT systems and emerging technologies that will be crucial for future IT solutions.