Design and Build Great APIs One-day Workshop
GOTO Chicago Fall 2019

Design and Build Great APIs One-day Workshop

Wednesday Nov 13
09:00 –
645.00 USD

This one-day workshop covers key skills for creating consistently successful APIs and simple tools that you can use to turn those skills into working models, sketches, and running code. Based on the book "Design and Build Great APIs", this tutorial shows the important balance between designing, building, and releasing APIs and how to create a consistent process for your company that ensures your API teams produce quality APIs that developers can easily use to provide timely business solutions for your organization.

Bring your APIs, bring your team, bring your tools and let's work together to create great APIs!

You'll learn now to:

  • Write API stories
  • Diagram APIs with Web Sequence Diagrams
  • Describe APIs with ALPS Profiles
  • Generate multiple working API Sketches with API Blueprint
  • Select a candidate sketch to Prototype with OpenAPISpec
  • Build a fully-functional API using NodeJS, Express, and the DORR framework
  • Test APIs with Postman and Newman
  • Deploy your API to Heroku via Git & Github