Secure Code
GOTO Chicago Fall 2019

Secure Code

Thursday Nov 14
09:00 –
645.00 USD

We all understand that security is part of our job. The hard part is gaining the knowledge necessary to keep our software secure in a changing environment. This workshop will explore software security fundamentals including:

  • Threat Modeling
  • Securing distributed systems and services
  • Tiny Types/Type Safety
  • Designing for observation and audit
  • Managing the software supply chain
  • Security testing

This course applies to all languages, frameworks, and deployment systems. The ideas and solutions provided are universally accepted practices of secure system design. But don't fret, bring your specific questions to the workshop to discuss. Aaron has designed and implemented secure systems in just about every major technology stack and is happy to discuss specifics. Attendees will walk away with the fundamentals required to analyze their designs for security issues and create security first solutions to new problems. If you are working on "shifting security left", this is course is a must!