Russ Miles
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2018

Russ Miles is CEO of where he and his team build commercial and open source ( products and provide services to companies applying chaos engineering to build confidence in their cloud native, microservice-based systems on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and more.

He is part of the Chaos Collective, an expert group founded by Casey Rosenthal who runs 1-day workshops for companies looking to learn about chaos engineering and beginning to establish their own in-house chaos engineering capability. Russ has been teaching technical topics, as well as offering consultancy worldwide for the past 17 years. His current courses include a popular public 3-day course on chaos engineering that has most recently been run in London. He has founded and continued to build a community around the free and open source Chaos Toolkit and Hub projects.

Russ is an international speaker and author, most recently having published Antifragile Software: Building Adaptable Software with Microservices, where he explores how to apply chaos engineering to construct and manage complex, distributed systems in production with confidence.

Talks at GOTO Chicago 2018

Masterclasses at GOTO Chicago 2018

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