This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Aaron Bedra
Chief Scientist at Jemurai
Adam Herzog
Director of Developer Relations at GOTO
Adrian Cockcroft
Vice President Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services
Adron Hall
Coder, Messenger, Recon, Infrastructure, Ops, & A Sprinkling of Metal
Aino Vonge Corry
Retrospectives Facilitator, Teacher & Technical Conference Editor
Ajit Kadari
Cloud Application and Platform Architect at Pivotal
Alena Hall
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Allard Buijze
Creator of Axon Framework
Amanda Laucher
Co-Founder of Mined Minds
Angela Wang
Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Anupama Pradhan
Senior Director IT Product - Data at HCSC
Benjamin Mitchell
Experienced Agile Delivery Practitioner & Advocate of Effective Communication Skills
Bret Fisher
DevOps Dude, Docker Captain, and Hi-Five Giver
Brian Leroux
Cofounder at Small Wins
Bridget Kromhout
Co-host of Arrested DevOps Podcast & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Cameron Stewart
Partner Solutions Architect at Pivotal
Casey Rosenthal
Led Chaos and Traffic Engineering Teams at Netflix
Catherine Swetel
Once described as the Altoids of Lean-Agile feminism
Chris Corriere
Sociotechnological Mathematician at Large
Chris Munns
Principal Developer Advocate - Serverless at Amazon Web Services
Dan North
Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Principal Consultant
Dave Farley
Founder and Director of Continuous Delivery
Dave Thomas
Chief Scientist, CSO Kx Systems & Father of OTI
Dean Wampler
VP of Fast Data Engineering at Lightbend and O'Reilly author of several Functional Programming books
Dominica DeGrandis
Author of Making Work Visible and Director of Digital Transformation at Tasktop
Eric Mizell
VP of Solution Engineering at OverOps
Erica Windisch
Founder of @IOpipes. Building tools for Serverless & AWS
Erik St. Martin
Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Evelina Gabasova
Machine Learning Expert & Data Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute
Francesc Campoy
Gopher, Host of the @justforfunc podcast, and VP of Developer relations at source{d}
Frans van Buul
Evangelist at AxonIQ
Georges Saab
Vice President, Software Development, Java Platform Group at Oracle
Ian Crosby
Senior Engineer at Container Solutions
Jamie Dobson
CEO of Container Solutions
Jeff Hodges
Distributed Systems Engineer & Consultant
Jessica Kerr
Developer at Atomist
Jim Basler
Cloud Application and Platform Architect at Pivotal
Joe Armstrong
Principal Inventor of the Erlang Programming Language
Jordan Hendricks
Software Engineer at Joyent
Josh Kahn
Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Juliet Hougland
Data Platform & ML Engineer at Stitchfix
Katherine Kirk
Independent Consultant - Transformation in Tech
Kelley Robinson
Developer Evangelist at Twilio advocating for secure software development
Kenny Bastani
Developer Advocate at Pivotal
Kevin Tsai
Big Data and Machine Learning - Google Cloud Platform
Kevlin Henney
Programming+Patterns Practice+Process
Kolton Andrus
Co-founder and CEO of Gremlin
Kyle Kingsbury
Author of Riemann monitoring system and Jepsen series on distributed systems correctness
Laura Frank
Director of Engineering at Codeship & Docker Captain
Liz Rice
Technology Evangelist with Aqua Security
Marija Spaic
Software Engineer at Spantree
Mark Rickmeier
CEO at Table XI and founder of "Walkshop Retreats"
Martin Thompson
High-Performance Computing Specialist
Marvin Laucher
Former Coal Miner turned Software Developer and the inspiration for the development of Mined Minds
Matt Godbolt
Low-level Latency Geek
Michael Bernstein
Co-Founder and Principal at Reify
Michael Feathers
Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Michael Irwin
Docker Captain, Community Leader & Application Architect at Virginia Tech
Nirmal Mehta
Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton and Docker Captain
Noel Rappin
Principal Software Engineer at Table XI and host of the Tech Done Right podcast
Peter Pezaris
Founder & CEO of CodeStream
Peter Sbarski
Author of Serverless Architectures on AWS and VP of Engineering at A Cloud Guru
Phil Winder
Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps
Randy Shoup
VP Engineering at WeWork
Roberto Guerra
Senior Software Engineer at Spantree
Russ Miles
Founder and CEO, ChaosIQ.io
Russell Trow
Head of Training at Container Solutions
Ryan Hunt
Senior Developer at HCSC
Sam Aaron
Creator of Sonic Pi & Live Coding Musician
Satish Malireddi
Principal Architect at T-Mobile
Seth Hall
Chief Evangelist at Corelight
Stefan Veis Pennerup
iOS Engineer & Machine Learning Lead at Trifork
Stephen Day
Software Engineer at Docker
Todd Montgomery
Co-author of Aeron, Ex-NASA researcher, Ex-CTO of 29West & network geek
Tomas Petricek
Author of 'Real-World Functional Programming' & Researcher at The Alan Turing Institute
Vanessa Spock
Director of Business Operations for Ericsson
Victoria Gonda
Mobile engineer at Buffer
Woody Zuill
Senior Consultant, Agile Expertise and Coaching
Zaheda Bhorat
Head of Open Source Strategy AWS
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