Tuesday Apr 30
17:30 –
Location: 201-202

Going Serverless with VueJS

Server side rendering is one of the most common methods for serving applications on the web. With the web moving toward serverless architectures however, the way

This is not surprising since rendering on the server means more consistent SEO performance andfaster time to initial render. Even so, leveraging the performance gains that server side rendering offers often requires maintaining a server, which can be cumbersome and time consuming. However, all is not lost. With the rise of serverless architectures, you can still have a server without the overhead of managing it yourself. In this talk, we’ll examine techniques and strategies to rendering your apps via lambda functions using VueJS so you can boost your application’s performance while resting easy knowing that you no longer have a server to manage.

Divya Sasidharan
Developer Advocate at Netlify Inc
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