This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Alex Ellis
Creator of OpenFaaS, Engineer, Speaker, Author and Open Source at VMware
Arun Gupta
Principal Open Source Technologist at AWS and CNCF Board Member
Baruch Sadogursky
Head of DevRel at JFrog and CNCF Ambassador
Betty Enyonam Kumahor
Managing Partner at Cobalt Partners focused on frugal digital innovation
Bridget Kromhout
Co-host of Arrested DevOps Podcast & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Casey Rosenthal
Led Chaos and Traffic Engineering Teams at Netflix
Chris Richardson
Creator of the original CloudFoundry.com and author of 'POJOs in Action' and 'Microservices patterns'
Colin Jones
Author of 'Mastering Clojure Macros' and CTO of 8th Light
Courtney Hemphill
Leading technical teams for fast-moving companies at scale
Danny Lange
VP of AI and ML at Unity Technologies and previously led innovative ML teams at Uber, AWS and Microsoft
Doug Lenat
Award-winning AI pioneer who created the landmark Machine Learning program, AM, in 1976 and CEO of Cycorp
Eleanor Saitta
International security researcher and co-founder of open source tool Trike
Evan Sutter
Co-founder of Hapzly, measuring businesses on happiness output
Guen Prawiroatmodjo
Quantum Physicist making quantum programming possible
Hillel Wayne
Author of Practical TLA+, expert in applying formal methods to real-world problems
Jeremy Cowan
Cloud Architect specializing in Containers at AWS
Jessica Pointing
Award-winning quantum computing researcher
Jim Manico
OWASP Project Leader, AppSec Enthusiast and Java Champion
John Le Drew
Experienced Engineer making psychological safety a right for everyone
John Willis
Co-author of the "DevOps Handbook"
Josh Long
Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, Java Champion and author of 6 books
Jérôme Petazzoni
Tinkerer of containers, culture, and tiny shell scripts
Kelley Robinson
Developer Evangelist at Twilio advocating for secure software development
Matt Stratton
Host of the Arrested DevOps podcast and DevOps Evangelist at PagerDuty.
Michael “Stu” Stewart
ML Engineer at Opendoor and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship award winner
Mike Amundsen
API Expert and author of O'Reilly's "RESTful Web clients"
Naomi Ceder
Chair of Python Software Foundation
Nicki Watt
CTO of Open Credo, leading delivery of large-scale, Cloud Native projects
Phil Winder
Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps
Ray Tsang
Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform
Ross Goodwin
Creative technologist at Google exploring the possibilities of AI
Sandro Mancuso
Pioneer of Software Craftspersonship and co-founder of Codurance
Saša Juric
Author of "Elixir in Action”
Sean McQuillan
Android Developer Advocate at Google
Stephen Magill
World-recognized expert on program analysis
Steven Heidel
Building a Quantum Cloud Using Python at Rigetti
Tilde Ann Thurium
Engineer working on Atom Editor. Destroyer of binaries.
Verónica Lopez
Former Physicist and Sr. Software Engineer at Red Hat
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