Eleanor Saitta
International security and privacy researcher
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2019

Eleanor Saitta is an independent security architecture and strategy consultant with media, finance, healthcare, infrastructure, and software clients across the US and Europe. She was previously the security architect for Etsy.com, and has worked for a number of commercial consultancies (Bishop Fox, IOACtive, and others) over the past fifteen years. Her work has encompassed everything from core security engineering and architecture work for Fortune 50 software firms to cross-domain security for news organizations and NGOs targeted by nation states. Her focus is on the ways task and experience design, system architecture, development process change, and operational changes can shift the balance of power between adversaries to bring better outcomes to users.

Saitta is a co-founder and developer for Trike, an open source threat modeling methodology and tool which partially automates the art of security analysis and has contributed to the Briar and Mailpile secure messaging projects. She's on the advisory boards of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the International Modern Media Institute, and the Calyx Institute, all organizations that look at freedom in the media and security online. Saitta is a regular speaker at industry conferences; past venues include O'Reilly Velocity, KiwiCon, ToorCon, CCC, Hack in The Box, and HOPE, among others. You can find her on twitter as @dymaxion, and at https://dymaxion.org

Talks at GOTO Chicago 2019

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