How To Stop Your Business Shooting Itself In The Foot: Managing Risk Together with Jonathan Graham

Tuesday, October 22 from 8am-10:30am — Somerset, 1112 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

8:00am — Mingle and grab a coffee.
8:30am — Breakfast is served.
9:00am — Discussion starts till 10:00am.
10:00am — 30 minutes to mingle and continue discussions.

Communicating complex risks, particularly to our non-technical colleagues, is a challenge, and by not doing it well we suffer pushback from the business. The risks are varied and at all different levels, but can include technical debt, skill gaps, team burnout, and more. In this session we’ll explore and discuss how to best identify, communicate and prioritize risks, and how to use this to negotiate plans with the wider business.

Jonathan will facilitate a roundtable in which we will discuss how to use risks to drive effective communication in our organizations.

  • Dealing with pushback.
  • Explaining complex issues.
  • Dealing with risks in an agile world.
  • Effective prioritization.
  • Seeing the big picture: roll-up through an organization.


Attendance to the event is strictly limited to engineering leaders. No recruiters, non-technical marketers or other business stakeholders will be allowed – we enforce this policy strictly. That said, we’re not hung up on job titles. Some of our best attendees have titles like CEO or VP Product. As long as you can perform a technical code review, know how to submit a pull request and are interested in more effectively hiring, managing and organizing developers, we can’t wait to meet you!


Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham is CTO at Transaction Assurance Group, a company that provides software and data solutions to major buying groups, distributors, and retail chains. Previously, he has worked at GlaxoSmithKline to bring new drugs to market, helped start-ups create their MVPs, co-founded a training organization, and consulted for organizations big and small. Agile start-up or pharmaceutical behemoth, there are always risks, and risks are a communication issue!


We will operate under the Chatham House Rule -- to encourage free discussion, nothing that is said may be attributed to the speaker.

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