Richard Feldman
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2020

Richard Feldman
Author of “Elm in Action” and THE Elm master

Richard is the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications and the instructor for the front-end masters 2-day Elm workshop. When he’s not writing about Elm, teaching Elm, speaking about Elm or co-hosting the San Francisco Elm meetup, he likes to take a break from his job of writing Elm code full-time as an engineer at NoRedInk by kicking back and working on some of his open-source Elm projects. Some have said he’s “into Elm,” but he’s not sure where they got that wild idea.

Topic: Rust and Elm

Books Published: Elm in Action, The Elm Master

Previous Talks: Introducing Elm to a JavaScript App - GOTO Chicago 2017

Tech Specialties: Richard Feldman is a programmer and entrepreneur who loves to push the limits of browser-based programming. He's a front-end engineer at NoRedInk and a well-known member of the Elm community.


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