Richard Feldman
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2020

Richard is the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications and the instructor for the front-end masters 2-day Elm workshop. When he’s not writing about Elm, teaching Elm, speaking about Elm or co-hosting the San Francisco Elm meetup, he likes to take a break from his job of writing Elm code full-time as an engineer at NoRedInk by kicking back and working on some of his open-source Elm projects. Some have said he’s “into Elm,” but he’s not sure where they got that wild idea.

Topic: Rust and Elm

Books Published: Elm in Action, The Elm Master

Previous Talks: Introducing Elm to a JavaScript App - GOTO Chicago 2017

Tech Specialties: Richard Feldman is a programmer and entrepreneur who loves to push the limits of browser-based programming. He's a front-end engineer at NoRedInk and a well-known member of the Elm community.

Talks at GOTO Chicago 2020

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