GOTOpia Chicago 2021

Tuesday Apr 20
12:10 –
Room 2
Wednesday Apr 21
11:10 –
Room 3

Toolchains Behind Successful Kubernetes Development Workflows


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Kubernetes solved a lot of problems, but it created a clumsy development workflow: Every code change requires fiddling with containers, registries, and manifests. Managing config files isn't trivial. Distributed debugging; a mystery. Dev clusters are tricky to set up, and sharing cluster state among team-members is mostly fiction.

L Körbes, an expert in Kubernetes development tooling, outlines successful development workflows in three different settings: a very large enterprise, a small and agile startup, and a popular open source project.

L will share how they set up dev clusters, manage configs, automate the development feedback loop, share context across teams, debug, and, finally, deploy to production.

Come learn how these teams made their Kubernetes dev workflows not only seamless, but amazing to use!

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