GOTOpia Chicago 2021

Wednesday Apr 21
13:40 –
Keynote Room

Dungeons, Dragons and Developers


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You enter the dungeon, as the echoes of your footsteps sound around you, something catches your eye — is that… oh, oh no.

You grab your trusty sword and with your fellow adventurers, you seek to overcome the mighty challenge that lays ahead of you: building software.

This talk is a look at some of the parallels between dungeons and dragons, and software development.

Matt will show you how lessons learned through delving into dungeons and fighting monsters with a party of adventurers can help teams of developers when building software in the real world. Are you ready to join him in a mighty quest for better software?

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How to look for balance in your team, both in skills and alignment
  • How to keep everyone on the right path
  • To use past experience for future improvement
  • The importance of keeping a flow in your work and projects

Attendees: Join the #teams channel on Slack to send your questions to Matt