GOTOpia Chicago 2021

Tuesday Apr 20
14:50 –
Room 2
Wednesday Apr 21
12:10 –
Room 3

Kafka, Devops ...And Resilience for all


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So you’ve made the enlightened choice to use Kafka in your architecture, and you know you need to provision your cluster using infrastructure as code (IAC), but why stop at just provisioning brokers?

In this talk we will explore the available options to make deploying your Kafka-based applications more repeatable, resilient and observable. We’ll look at specific examples and techniques for applying IAC to the following areas :

  • Topic and partition creation
  • Secrets management
  • Configuration options

I’ll also share some lessons I’ve learned related to tooling, monitoring and backup management. And finally we’ll look at some resilience do’s and don’ts with some specific examples of where these tools have helped, and where their absence has hindered.

Attendees: Join the #devops channel on Slack to send your questions to James