GOTOpia Chicago 2021

Tuesday Apr 20
14:50 –
Room 4
Wednesday Apr 21
16:00 –
Room 5

The Power and Performance of Phoenix LiveView


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Backed by the proven real-time capabilities of Elixir, Phoenix’s LiveView opens up a new world of possibilities for soft real-time web applications. Whether you need to manage the connections thousands of concurrent visitors in a chat application or simply push real-time updates of constantly changing information to a single user, LiveView makes it trivial with minimal JavaScript (sometimes none at all).

In this live-coding presentation, we’ll convert a typical controller in a MVC application into a LiveView controller. Along the way, we’ll discover some of the major benefits that LiveView provides and you’ll see how easy it is to implement in your own applications.

Attendees: Join the #programming channel on Slack to send your questions to Geoffrey Lessel