Lunch & Roundtable Discussions
GOTO Chicago 2023

Monday May 22
13:00 –

Lunch & Roundtable Discussions

Don't miss your chance to share, learn, and network with speakers and attendees! Grab your lunch and join us at one of the roundtables.

Teams & Inclusion Join Bryan Cantrill and Sara Caldwell in a vibrant conversation about building inclusive, high-performing teams in today's diverse tech landscape. Share your experiences and learn from others on fostering collaboration and embracing diversity in the workplace.

Programming with AI Unlock the potential of AI in software development with Alex Castrounis and Linda Rising. Delve into the intersection of programming and artificial intelligence, discussing techniques, tools, and breakthroughs. Engage in thought-provoking conversation and exchange ideas.

Data Streams Embark on a deep dive into data streams with Mary Grygleski and Kasun Indrasiri. Share and explore the latest in streaming technologies, architectures, and use cases. Share your experiences and learn from others in this dynamic roundtable on the cutting edge of data processing.