Lunch & Roundtable Discussions
GOTO Chicago 2023

Wednesday May 24
13:00 –

Lunch & Roundtable Discussions

Don't miss your chance to share, learn, and network with speakers and attendees! Grab your lunch and join us at one of the roundtables.

Programming with AI Dive into the future of software development with Alex Castrounis. Explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we code and solve problems. Join the discussion to gain insights and share your thoughts on AI-driven programming.

Technical debt Address the challenges of technical debt and head-on with Saleem Siddiqui. Explore strategies for managing, reducing, and avoiding the pitfalls of accumulated software decay. Exchange tips and tricks with your peers in an informative discussion.

Culture & Productivity Boost your team's productivity with Heidi Helfand and Charity Majors. Discuss the importance of cultivating a healthy work culture and the impact it has on your team's output. Learn from others and share your own experiences in this vital roundtable on workplace dynamics.