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What Happens When Agile Meets Reality – Told Through a Comic Strip
GOTO Chicago 2024

Tuesday Oct 22
11:50 –
Hall South

What Happens When Agile Meets Reality – Told Through a Comic Strip

In this talk, the writer of Comic Agilé, Luxshan Ratnaravi, will take the audience through a visual and provocative journey of agile anti-patterns and misunderstandings, told through his tragicomic strips in a highly entertaining fashion. The presented content, points and lessons will be relatable to agile practitioners, developers and Management, as they’ll center around topics such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Spotify and Product Management – and why implementing these approaches often fail miserably in a sea of bullshit bingo.

During his talk, Luxshan will also emphasize how to avoid the depicted mistakes, so the audience can reflect on their current agile practices and learn how to improve them. Some of the concrete points that will be covered are:

  • How to not to drown teams in meetings when going agile
  • How the organization needs seasoned Scrum Masters, but end up hiring babies
  • How we can avoid imprisoning our Product Owners
  • How Agile Coaches should not become preaching evangelists
  • How scaling agile is like treating the symptoms when we should, instead, remove the dependencies that cause the need for coordinating between our teams.
  • How Managers on one hand are expected to be in full control and, at the same time, empower their teams to be self-managing
  • How we cannot be agile if our architecture doesn’t support it

Target audience: Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, Agile Coaches, managers, architects, developers and anyone else working in an agile context.

Take away: Having been humoristically provoked to reflect on own current agile practices, as well as inspired on ways to improve the.