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Matt Welsh
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2024

Gain a compelling perspective on the future of computing shaped by AI and Large Language Models. In his provocative keynote, Matt contends that AI and Large Language Models are not just transforming but supplanting classical computer science, heralding a new era where language models replace traditional software.

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Talks at GOTO Chicago 2024

Matt Welsh is an accomplished computer scientist and AI startup founder, currently pioneering a new stealth AI startup based in Seattle. He co-founded, where he served as Chief Architect, and previously held the position of SVP of Engineering at OctoML. His work at OctoML contributed to the development of Apache TVM, optimizing ML models for diverse hardware backends. Prior to OctoML, Matt was a key figure at Apple and, leading efforts in on-device AI and AI for embedded systems, respectively. His tenure at Google saw him as a Principal Engineer and director for the Chrome Mobile team, where he led initiatives to enhance Chrome's mobile experience and develop novel web capabilities. Before joining the tech industry, Matt was a Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University. Matt's alignment is Chaotic Good.

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