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Liz Fong-Jones
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2024

Liz's talk offers practical lessons and strategies applicable to scaling and optimizing serverless architectures effectively. You'll gain insights into scaling a sub-second latency query engine, inspired by Facebook's Scuba, from RAM to leveraging local SSDs and eventually cloud object storage.

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Talks at GOTO Chicago 2024

Liz is a developer advocate, labor and ethics organizer, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with 20+ years of experience. She is currently the Field CTO at Honeycomb, and previously was an SRE working on products ranging from the Google Cloud Load Balancer to Google Flights.

Liz is a regular speaker at conferences and a co-author of a book: Observability Engineering where she explains what constitutes good observability and explores value of practicing observability when delivering complex cloud native applications and systems.

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