Ben Sadeghipour
Hadrian Security
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2024

Ben Sadeghipour also known online as NahamSec is a hacker, content creator, trainer, and public speaker. He has been hacking since a teenager, and then made a whole career out of his work as an ethical hacker!

With over 10 years of experience Ben has helped identify and exploit thousands of security vulnerabilities across 100+ web and mobile applications for companies such as Yahoo, Google, Airbnb, Snapchat, The US Department of Defense, Yelp, and more. Ben was also the head of Hacker Education at HackerOne before. You can find him on his YT channel where he posts videos on training people, for using hacking for good purposes.

Fun fact: Ben has hacked into companies like Apple, Lyft, Snapchat, The Department of Defense, Airbnb, and more.