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Brooklyn Zelenka
Speaker at GOTO Chicago 2024

Why do traditional app development methods persist despite decades of innovation? Brooklyn will help you envision the potential of a paradigm shift towards Local-first software (‘LoFi’). Hear her delve into the underlying technologies that enable ‘LoFi’, such as Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), advancements in cryptography for secure data management, and modern authentication frameworks.

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Talks at GOTO Chicago 2024

Brooklyn the co-founder and CTO of Fission, where her team is creating next-gen tools that empower developers to easily build innovative, decentralised, and local-first applications. She is the author of numerous libraries including Witchcraft, and founded the Vancouver Functional Programming Meetup. Her belief in open standards has lead to work spanning distributed VMs (Ethereum, IPVM), authorization (UCAN), data privacy (Webnative FS, RhizomeDB), multiformats, and others.

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