Thursday Apr 26
10:15 –
Room 203-204

Node Systems for Node.js Services on Nodes of Systemic Nodal Systems


Curious how Node.js is going to fit into the future environments with containerized deployments, management of those like Kubernetes, and how to get the most out of your Node.js Development paths? I'm going to take a look at a number of those, discuss what I've seen in industry, and what I've worked with just in the last few months.

This talk will be broken into three specific topics:

1) Review: It's core purpose, original intent, and use within the industry.
2) The space it fits within new architecture paradigms today.
3) Node.js on Kubernetes Nodes working in Nodal Context.

We'll take a look at code, history, and the ideal path forward for Node.js and server side JavaScript. With a powerful toolset, with a widely known language, and powerful library system the stack offers a compelling use case for the future. Let's dig in!