Thursday Apr 26
10:15 –
Room 327

Lessons Learned from T-Mobile’s Journey to Serverless Computing


At T-Mobile, serverless computing has enabled our developers to focus their time and energy on what matters most – their product and business idea. Serverless platforms allow you to build and run applications without thinking about servers by eliminating infrastructure management tasks such as server provisioning, scaling, fault tolerance, and maintenance. All of this enables companies to build and deploy production-ready applications faster than before. But, how do you enable development teams to make the most of this technology at a medium or large sized company? What are ways for companies to adopt and implement serverless across their teams for the first time, using software development best practices?

In this talk, we’ll go over T-Mobile’s journey to serverless and share lessons learned from adopting serverless across our entire organization. We will share the framework and practices we developed that enable any T-Mobile developer to quickly start building new microservices on serverless. Jazz is T-Mobile’s serverless development platform that is driving adoption of serverless within T-Mobile. With Jazz, developers are now building production ready applications using serverless technologies like AWS Lambda within minutes. Developers just write the code & Jazz takes care of the rest – CI/CD, Security, Logging, Metrics, Multi-tenancy etc. Jazz is available as open source now at

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