Tuesday Apr 30
17:30 –

Use Terraform to Scale your Team


In this talk we look at interesting ways to use Terraform to help scale companies and teams.

As companies get bigger and hire more engineers, they can use automation to ease their growing pains. We take a look at a real world example using a custom Terraform provider to manage GitHub security. The goal is to make sure that only the appropriate engineers have the right level of access to the right repositories. We also need to ensure coding standards, security concerns are managed correctly and uniformly. Fortunately, Github has a great API which enables use to create our own Terraform provider to solve this problem using infrastructure as code!

As part of this examination we will explore the inner workings of Terraform and how we can create our own custom providers. You will learn how to extend this principle to any infrastructure or resource that is backed by an API

Who should attend this talk: Developers and engineers interested in: automation, infrastructure as code or software development life-cycle.

What will you learn from this talk: You will understand how Hashicorp and the community manages providers, learn how to contribute to existing providers and how to extend Terraform to manage any infrastructure or configuration using your own custom providers

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