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Welcome to GOTO, where brilliant minds in the tech industry converge. It's not just a conference; it's a vibrant gathering of creators, founders and authors shaping the future of technology. What sets GOTO apart is our commitment to deep idea exchange, going beyond current trends and products.

We bring together those building the tools, allowing attendees to learn directly from the source – the very individuals who are shaping the future of technology, the creators of influential libraries and frameworks, the founders of groundbreaking tech companies, and the authors whose works lay the foundation for the industry's knowledge base.

Say hello to GOTO Community Day Chicago 2023

GOTO Community Day Chicago is a one-day, power-packed event that brings together the best of AI insights and the vibrant Chicago tech community. The day kicks off with the CTO Breakfast, where we'll explore the balance between machine efficiency and human essence in the rapid evolution of AI. This is followed by our AI Workshop, designed to provide both executives and tech enthusiasts with a comprehensive understanding of AI's current landscape and its future trajectory.

But that's not all! In collaboration with various Chicago user groups, GOTO is proud to present a mini-conference, offering a unique blend of community-driven content and expert insights.

Our speaker lineup is meticulously chosen to ensure you receive the most current and impactful information from thought leaders, creators and technologists across various domains. From Generative AI to community-driven tech discussions, our sessions promise a rich blend of topics suitable for business leaders, software developers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Join us in the heart of Chicago for GOTO Community Day 2023 on October 24th. Dive deep, network, and discover the future of tech in one dynamic day.

At GOTO Community Day, experience the pulse of tech innovation!

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