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Welcome to GOTO, where brilliant minds in the tech industry converge. It's not just a conference; it's a vibrant gathering of creators, founders and authors shaping the future of technology. What sets GOTO apart is our commitment to deep idea exchange, going beyond current trends and products.

We bring together those building the tools, allowing attendees to learn directly from the source – the very individuals who are shaping the future of technology, the creators of influential libraries and frameworks, the founders of groundbreaking tech companies, and the authors whose works lay the foundation for the industry's knowledge base.

Say hello to GOTO AI Days Chicago 2023

GOTO AI Days Chicago is a three-day immersive experience filled with talks by industry thought leaders. The first day focuses on the business side of AI, exploring strategic choices, ethical considerations and opportunities for innovative business practices. These talks cater to business executives and anyone interested in how AI can transform and evolve businesses. Days two and three delve deep into the technical aspects of AI, providing tech leaders, architects, and software developers with insights and knowledge on the latest trends and developments.

Our lineup of speakers is carefully curated to ensure attendees receive the most up-to-date information from leaders in their respective fields. From Generative AI and MLOps to AI for business innovation and the future of AI, our sessions cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to business leaders and software developers of all levels. Furthermore, the talks are designed to be about more than algorithms and code with the aim to boost your AI prowess.

Mark your calendar for October 23-25 and join us in the vibrant city of Chicago for GOTO AI Days 2023.

At GOTO AI Days, uncover tomorrow, today!

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