Join the Crew

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to join our conference team and play a vital role in creating an exceptional experience for attendees at GOTO AI Days Chicago. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the event while gaining valuable insights into the world of AI and networking with industry professionals.

By joining our conference team, you will play a crucial part in ensuring that every aspect of GOTO AI Days Chicago runs smoothly and efficiently. Your enthusiasm, passion and commitment will help us deliver an outstanding event that showcases the latest advancements and trends in AI.

As a member of our crew, you will have various responsibilities based on your assigned role. These roles may include:

  • Guiding and directing attendees around the venue
  • Taking care and monitoring session rooms
  • Registration of attendees
  • Wardrobe assistance
  • Helping with setup and takedown
  • Various instant tasks that might appear as we go

As part of GOTO AI Days Chicago 2023 crew, you'll help for us for approx. 12 hours during the conference and then you'll get to attend the rest of the conference sessions and social events for free.

All we need from you is your time, and in return you'll get the opportunity to learn, meet and socialize with the best and the brightest.

We value your input and encourage you to share any specific skills or experience you possess that may enhance our conference. Whether you have previous experience working at conferences or similar events, or possess technical expertise in AI-related fields, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering and look forward to working with you to create the best conference possible. Apply now and be a valuable member of GOTO AI Days Chicago!

Join the crew by applying here and we'll get back to you to ask for your final commitment.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our crew manager, Corey at