Conference topics

No matter your role in your organization or your interest in AI, we will have you covered with topics to give you the insights you are looking for.

Business Day

Strategic Implementation

Get ready to drive transformative change and empower your team with the strategic implementation of AI, one that aligns with your organization's objectives. Learn how to navigate the challenges, ensure timely project completion within budget and foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and continuous learning.

Business Innovation

Embrace AI as the catalyst for business innovation. Discover real-life examples of organizations leveraging AI to create new products, services and business models. Experience the transformative impact of AI on team dynamics and work practices. We will also address the ethical implications, ensuring fairness, transparency, and benefits for all stakeholders.

AI and Society - Beyond the Buzzwords

Embark on a visionary journey into the future shaped by AI. Let's explore the profound impact of AI on society and beyond. Delve into the ethical considerations that arise as AI continues to advance, ensuring a responsible and inclusive future. Witness the transformative effect of AI on the workforce as new roles emerge and skillsets evolve in response to technological shifts. Gain valuable insights into the broader societal changes driven by AI and equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate this transformative landscape.

Tech Days


Propel your AI development journey. Join us as we delve into the diverse range of activities encompassing Machine Learning Operations. Discover effective strategies for managing data, monitoring production models and ensuring their long-term maintenance. Explore practical tools and technologies that optimize the MLOps workflow and embrace the cultural and organizational changes necessary to foster a supportive MLOps environment.

AI Tools for Developers

Unleash the power of AI in software development. We will discuss how AI tools can help you write better code, debug more efficiently and automate repetitive tasks. Discover the latest trends, from AI-powered code editors to automated testing. Explore how these tools are transforming the way we develop software and fostering a more inclusive and diverse developer community.

Data and Streams

In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, data is king. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of data streams and their pivotal role in shaping the future of AI and ML as we unravel its intricacies and tap into hidden insights. Embrace the latest tools and technologies, propelling your data-driven workflows to new heights, from stream processing frameworks to real-time analytics platforms. Explore how data streams can revolutionize our approach to data analysis, empowering us to extract meaningful insights with agility.


Explore the changing landscape of AI and machine learning driven by low-code platforms and their broader implications. Discover how low-code platforms are revolutionizing the development process as you dive into the realm of prototyping and deploying ML models with ease and efficiency. Uncover the limitations and challenges of low-code, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its possibilities and considerations.

Adapting Large Language Models

Delve into the wide range of applications where LLMs shine, and uncover their remarkable ability to be tailored to suit our specific needs. Discover the power of transfer learning as we unlock the potential to leverage existing knowledge for new domains and tasks. But with great power comes great responsibility. Join us as we explore the ethical dimensions of LLMs and delve into strategies for mitigating the risk of misuse. Learn how responsible usage of LLMs can drive positive impact and uphold ethical standards in the AI landscape.

Sustainable Future

Discover how AI can be a driving force in addressing environmental considerations, from predicting climate change to optimizing energy use. Gain insights into the future of work as AI reshapes industries and creates new opportunities for tech professionals. Uncover the secrets to fostering a team culture that embraces sustainability and innovation, empowering you to make a lasting impact. Dive into the ethical and legal aspects of technology, understanding the responsibility we have as tech workers to ensure the ethical use of AI.