GOTO Chicago 2017

Tuesday May 2
11:40 –
Vevey 3-4

We can’t have a Progressive Web without Embracing it


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The web is a mess. Web sites are bloated and slow and spend more time spying on us than delivering the content we came for. There are many reasons for that, but the main one is that we still seem not to have embraced the web stack as a standalone toolset instead of something we need to convert code into. Let’s take a look at all the great things we have in terms of tooling and standards and find a way to clean up the mess we made. We can not have progressive web apps and great user experiences without embracing progress. It is not about us – it is about our users.

In this talk Chris Heilmann will show what browsers, machine learning and testing tools can do these days to help you create fast and working web solutions for all your users. You don’t need to wait for a perfect environment, you need to use what’s already here.