This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Aaron Bedra
Chief Security Officer at Eligible
Adrian Mouat
Author of 'Using Docker'
Allard  Buijze
Co-developer of the Axon Framework at Trifork Amsterdam
Andrew  Clay Shafer
Director of Technology at Pivotal
Andrew Cornell
Full Stack Developer & Course Artisan at Voitanos LLC
Anjana Vakil
Engineer at ÜberResearch
Anthony Lee
Senior Manager for Platform Engineering at Allstate
Beth Skurrie
Consultant at DiUS specialising in Ruby development
Brian Cardarella
CEO of DockYard, Inc
Brian Grant
Technology Lead at Morningstar
Brian Leroux
Cofounder at Small Wins
Brian Ray
Cognitive Computing Team Lead at Deloitte
Bridget Kromhout
Co-host of Arrested DevOps Podcast & Principal Technologist @Pivotal
Brock Whitten
Creator of Harp, a dead simple publishing platform
Bryan  Cantrill
Chief Technology Officer at Joyent
Chris Heilmann
Senior Program Manager Developer Experience & Evangelism at Microsoft
Colleen Stock
Software Engineer at Uptake
Dan North
Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Principal Consultant
Daniel Bryant
Author of "Containerizing Continuous Delivery in Java."
Daphne Chong
Software Engineer at Amazon
David  Nolen
Cognitect Software Engineer
Dean Wampler
Big Data Architect at Lightbend & O'Reilly Author
Ensar  Basri Kahveci
Ph.D. Candidate, Distributed Systems Engineer at Hazelcast
Fred George
Early Adopter of OO & Agile, Advocating MicroServices & Programmer Anarchy
Georges Saab
Vice President, Software Development, Java Platform Group at Oracle
Gwen Shapira
Figuring out what customers need, planning and deploying high performance data at Confluent
Hadi Hariri
Kotlin Expert at JetBrains
Holden Karau
Software development engineer at IBM's Spark Technology Center
Ian Plosker
Predicting the future with Machine Learning
Jamie Grier
Helping people realizing the potential of Flink in their own projects, Director of Applications Engineering at Data Artisans
Jeff  Smith
Author of "All Things Dork" Blog, Manager of Production Operations at Centro
Jennifer Heckler
Programmer Analyst at Edward Jones
Jennifer Peepas
Writer, teacher, filmmaker, social media strategist
Jesse Anderson
Showing you how to use Beam in order to stop rewriting your code to another big data framework, CEO of Smoking Hand
Jim Clark
Co-Founder at Atomist
Joe Intrakamhang
Solution Engineer at Google
John Steven
Chief Technology Officer at Cigital
Joseph Yoder
Software Patterne Writer, CEO of Smoking Hand
Julie Pitt
Machine Intelligence Expert & Co-founder at Order of Magnitude Labs
Jérôme Petazzoni
Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire
Kelley Robinson
Can tell us why The Free Monad isn’t free after all. Data Infrastructure Engineer @Sharethrough
Kenny Bastani
Developer Advocate at Pivotal
Kevin Johnson
Chief Executive Officer of Secure Ideas.
Krishnan Ramanathan
Director of Software Engineering at Morningstar
Linda Rising
Queen of Patterns. Author of numerous Books
Llewellyn Falco
Spun Laboratories Inc. and agile coach
Marcy Sutton
Web Developer and Accessibility Advocate, Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque Systems, Inc
Mark Heckler
Pivotal Principal Technologist & Developer Advocate, conference speaker, published author, & Java Champion
Marten Schilstra
Senior engineer at DockYard
Martin Fowler
Author, speaker, consultant and general loud-mouth on software development
Matt Curry
Director of Cloud Engineering at Allstate
Matt Stratton
Customer Architect at Chef Software
Michelle Casbon
Director of Data Science at Qordoba, uses machine learning to create better UX and less pain for engineers
Mike Roberts
Engineering leader and cofounder of Symphonia, a serverless and cloud technology consultancy
Nicole Forsgren
CEO & Chief Scientist, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)
Nicole Johnson
Manager, Solution Architects at Chef Software
Peter Sbarski
Founder at Serverless Heroes, VP of Engineering at A Cloud Guru, Author of Serverless Architectures on AWS
Phil Winder
Freelance Architect
Philipp Bauknecht
Founder & CEO of medialesson GmbH
Randy Shoup
VP Engineering at Stitch Fix, Consulting CTO, former eBay and Google
Richard Feldman
Author of “Elm in Action”
Richard Whaling
Senior Software Engineer at Spantree Technology Group LLC
Russ Miles
Lead Engineer, Atomist; Founder, Russ Miles & Associates
Sam Newman
Author of "Building Microservices" from O'Reilly
Sid Anand
Data Architect for Agari, a rising email security company. Committer, Advisor, Speaker. Former LinkedIn, Netflix and eBay
Susanne Kaiser
CTO at Just Software AG
Thomas Anagrius
Functional Web Developer
Tim Gross
Product Manager for Joyent
Zhamak Dehghani
Principal consultant at ThoughtWorks
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