Wednesday Apr 25
13:00 –
Room 203-204

SWARMing: Scaling Without A Religious Methodology


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Dan North has spent the last few years showing all kinds of organisations how they can deliver faster, achieve better results with less effort, and have fun doing it. Katherine Kirk has been in similar organisations, messing with how techs, executives and senior managers strategise, teaching them to embrace ambiguity and stop being their own worst enemy.

Between them they have a wealth of experience and stories of alignment at scale, and not a formal scaling methodology in sight. This is not a coincidence. They have realised, and Katherine will demonstrate, why structured scaling methods simply can’t work for very long. Context is king: It constantly changes and we must continuously adapt to it.

Come and learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff, the effective from the dogmatic, of scaling delivery, and find out why Dan is Scaling Without A Religious Methodology and Katherine is teaching Eastern philosophy to techs and execs… but not religiously.

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