Thursday Apr 26
16:00 –
Room 325-26

Serverless Tales from the Trenches


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We built one of the largest platforms using serverless technologies like AWS Lambda (we don’t run a single server, anywhere). It has been an incredible journey and we learnt a lot of lessons in the process. In this session we’ll share notes from our adventure including:

  • What our serverless system looks like 2 years in (yes, I’ll share stats).
  • Key design patterns and architectures you will need to know to succeed.
  • Common serverless mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Our top ticks and tricks for serverless success and happiness.

We will dive in to the design of our platform and share interesting data, go through key patterns and architectures, and discuss what it actually takes to build a scalable, reliable and high-performing serverless system today.

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