Monday Apr 29
16:20 –
Location: 205-206

Discovering RESTful Web Microservices: A Traveler's Guide


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Navigating the landscape of scalable, resilient Microservices can be tricky. While each service fulfills a different purpose, there are a handful of shared properties of microservices. Knowing what these properties are and how to implement them is vital to creating robust components that are available and reliable on demand. The scalability and resilience of the WWW of documents and WebApps gives us some clues on how powerful and reliable Internet-level Microservices can be implemented. And, almost 20 years ago, Roy Fielding documented an approach to meeting the challenge of network-based software; an approach often called RESTful.

Using a mix of story-telling and code examples, this talk identifies key elements of each of these three things -- REST, the Web, and Microservices -- and shows how you can apply these elements to your own projects to gain the flexibility, resiliency, and scalability you need in order to build the three types of Microservices (Stateless, Persistence, and Aggregator) with the interoperability of the WWW and the adaptability of RESTful network systems.

Academic Level Intermediate to advanced

Who Should Attend? Whether you are a software architect, developer, or project/product manager, this talk will have something for you.

What You'll Learn Topics/Concepts covered in this talk include:

  • The three basic types of microservices (Stateless, Persistence, Aggregator)
  • How to apply Michael Nygard's Stability Patterns to microservices
  • How REST architecture can improve microservices
  • What we can learn from the WWW when implementing Microservices
  • How use runtime service discovery to improve microservices
Mike Amundsen
API Expert & Author of O'Reilly's "RESTful Web Clients"
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