Tuesday Apr 30
11:30 –

Role of Application Integration in Cloud Native and Microservices Landscape


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Integration of APIs, services, data, and systems have long been the most challenging yet most essential requirement in software application development. These disparate applications were integrated using point to point style, and later with the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) style alongside the SOA.

However, with the modern microservices and cloud-native architectures, it favors to eliminate the use of ESB and we barely talk about application integration anymore. This doesn't mean that application integration is no longer important or getting obsolete. Rather with these decentralized architectures, it is getting more and more important to connect services and systems which are dispersed across the network.
The integration logic is being implemented as part of the service logic and most of the integration capabilities that you get as part of ESB are now needs to be implemented as part of the service logic.

This session covers:

  • The importance of application integration in microservices and cloud-native architectures
  • How microservices and cloud-native applications are integrated
  • Service Mesh vs Application Integration
  • Key application integration requirements and patterns
  • Application Development and Integration in CNCF landscape
  • Cloud native technologies for application integration

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