GOTO Chicago 2017

Tuesday May 2
10:35 –
Zurich ABCD

The Seven (More) Deadly Sins of Microservices


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All is not completely rosy in microservice-land. It’s often a sign of an architectural approach’s maturity that anti-patterns begin to be identified and classified alongside well-established principles and practices. Daniel Bryant introduces seven deadly sins from real projects, which left unchecked could easily ruin your next microservices project.

Daniel offers an updated tour of some of the nastiest anti-patterns in microservices from several real-world projects he’s encountered as a consultant, providing a series of anti-pattern “smells” to watch out for and exploring the tools and techniques you need to avoid or mitigate the potential damage.

Topics include:

  • Pride: the admission of the challenges with testing in a distributed system
  • Envy: introducing inappropriate intimacy within services by creating a shared “canonical” domain model
  • Wrath: failing to deal with the inevitable bad things that occur when operating new technologies, both from the people and technical aspects
  • Sloth: composing services in a lazy fashion, which ultimately leads to the creation of a "distributed monolith”
  • Lust: embracing the latest and greatest technology without evaluating the operational impact incurred by these choices
daniel bryant
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