GOTO Chicago 2017

Tuesday May 2
15:40 –
Zurich ABCD

Video Transcoding at the ABC with Microservices


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Australia's ABC iview is a TV-on-demand service that streams to millions of viewers every week. This talk explores the technical challenges of transcoding all of the ABC's video content for streaming to any device.

We will examine the architecture and design of the new system, which makes heavy use of AWS services, FFmpeg, and components we've written in Node.js and Golang.

  • Come along to find out:
  • What is transcoding and why do we need it?
  • How do we standardise each video?
  • What is the service archictecture?
  • How does the system scale responsively?
  • How much does it cost to transcode all of the ABC's content?

Learn what our successes and learnings have been, and meet the new flexible, scalable, and highly cost-efficient system driving the ABC's video future.

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