GOTO Chicago 2017

Tuesday May 2
13:30 –
Vevey 1-2

Apache Flink - The State of the Art in Streaming Computation


In this hands-on talk we’ll be covering the latest and greatest features in Apache Flink — the fast-moving and state-of-the-art streaming processing engine.

The talk will provide an overview of Apache Flink but move quickly to demonstrating the latest and greatest features of Apache Flink at the time of the conference. Things move fast with Flink so it’s sure to be exciting and interesting.

During the talk we’ll write code on-the-fly as we work through Flink’s state-of-the-art capabilities.

Likely subjects will include dynamically re-scalable stateful streaming computation, Streaming SQL, Savepoints, Very Large State Support, joining streams against external data sources hyper-efficiently, etc.