GOTO Chicago 2017

Monday May 1
11:40 –
Zurich ABCD

Be Awesome With DevOps (Through Data!)


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Value and performance make everything awesome! But for those of us not living in a Lego movie, how can we transform our technology in smart yet systematic ways?

The best-performing IT organizations are known to have the highest quality, throughput, and reliability, while also showing value on the bottom line. You want to get your organization there, but how? When embarking on a technology transformation journey, you want to measure your current status and subsequent progress. Once you know how to measure, you can focus on what's important, putting you well on your way to awesomeness. Business outcomes don't realize themselves, after all!

Management and practitioners alike will learn the why and the how of assessing their own organizations and gathering the data they need so they will succeed in their technology transformations.