Topic Cloud Native (SOLUTION)
GOTO Chicago 2018

Room 327

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Cloud Native Systems are described as container-packaged, dynamically-managed and microservice-oriented. But what does this mean and what can you do with Cloud Native Systems once you’ve got them? This track looks at how to effectively build, run, and embed Cloud Native Systems for your organization.

When building them, it’s important to understand which architectural patterns work best - and which don’t, how to effectively deploy microservices and configure our cloud infrastructure properly so we don’t encounter nasty surprises when our first AWS bill comes?

As we scale from 10 users to 10,000, things change. When running Cloud Native Systems, we have to think about network policy, security, the providence of images and the high utilisation of virtual machines. We’ll go from a simple demo to production-grade Kubernetes and discuss handling issues in production.

Many companies can easily create a proof of concept and some even succeed in migrating a number of applications to the Cloud. However, embedding Cloud Native Systems across the organization is when things get tricky. Understanding which adoption patterns are working and which are not is key but there are many other steps to consider for successful Cloud Native adoption.

Finally, we’ll discover how nobody should goes Cloud Native for its own sake. There is always a strategic element to going Cloud Native whether it’s scaling up on a budget, spinning out new projects based on Cloud Native technologies, or automating operations.

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