GOTO Chicago 2020

Wednesday Apr 29
13:30 –
Masterclass Room 2
Thursday Apr 30
09:00 –
Masterclass Room 2

Foundations of Tech Leadership

The full class is spread out over two days. Signing up grants you access to both days indicated in the time slots shown above.

According to a CareerBuilder study, only 40% of new engineering leaders receive formal training when they become a boss for the first time. The rest are forced to get scrappy to quickly equip themselves with new skills, techniques and mindsets to effectively transition into their new roles.

This workshop was designed to fill this gap; providing tactical techniques and resources for both new and seasoned technical leaders — regardless of your title!!

Topics include:

  • Purposeful leadership
  • Time management
  • Prioritizing the right things
  • Role definition and clarity
  • Social styles
  • Giving feedback
  • Career conversations 1:1s
  • Coaching
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Recruiting, interviewing and onboarding
  • Relationships (politics) of management
  • Authentic leadership

Interactive group exercises will help you practice these new ideas and techniques in a safe and engaging environment.

You will leave with new perspectives on technical leadership, as well as handouts and plenty of resources to grow and further develop skills in your daily work.

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