GOTO Chicago 2020

Friday May 1
09:00 ā€“

Microservices Out In the Wild

Your boss comes up to you one day and says, ā€œIā€™d like you to deploy code to production multiple times a day, without the need for non-developer involvement or off-hours scheduling. Oh, and product should be able to decide how and when to release features to customers. And make sure to do this without impacting stability!ā€

In this workshop, Derek Ferguson, Matt Jones and Rashid Mohammad from Fitch Solutions are going to take you on a journey of refactoring a monolith into microservices and micro UIs. Along the way they will introduce fast requirement gathering techniques, architecture best practices and a fail-safe quality product delivery process.

By the end of the day, your app that started out as a monolith will become a beautifully architected set of containers that can be delivered safely and independently into production on demand. Specifically, this course will cover:

  • Microservices using Spring Framework Micro UIs using Vue.JS
  • Containers with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Service Mesh
  • Event Sourcing with Kafka

Prerequisites: In order to benefit from this class, it is important that developers have a strong fundamental understanding of Java and Javascript. A background with VueJS would be ideal, but experience with React or Angular would be equally helpful (though not required).

Style: Bring your own laptop. Instructions will be provided ahead of time for the installation of required components, which will include Virtual Box, Vagrant and a Vagrant Image.

Derek Ferguson
Head of technology for Fitch Solutions
Matt Jones
Head of product architecture at Fitch Solutions
Rashid Mohammad
Senior engineering lead at Fitch Solutions
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