API Build Masterclass
GOTO Chicago 2020

API Build Masterclass

Thursday Apr 30
13:30 –
Masterclass Room 1
Friday May 1
09:00 –
Masterclass Room 1

The full class is spread out over two days. Signing up grants you access to both days indicated in the time slots shown above.

In this one-day masterclass, based on the book "Design and Build Great Web APIs" from Pragmatic Publishers, you'll learn to convert a quality API design into a fully-functional HTTP API. We'll cover the three-step building process Sketch-Prototype-Build. You'll learn how to use the DARRT NodeJS library to safely and quickly build stable, scalable APIs. Next, we'll explore the basics of BDD-style API testing with Postman. Finally, we'll deploy our working, tested APIs into the cloud using Heroku and make them easy to find and ready to use.

Turn your quality API designs into fully-functional, well-tested and reliable APIs in the cloud with this one-day hands-on masterclass

NOTE: You can "scale-up" your API masterclass experience by signing up for both the API Design and the API Build Masterclasses

What You'll Learn
In this jam-packed one workshop, you'll learn:

  • The importance of leveraging good API design as a starting point
  • The power of the Sketch-Prototype-Build Paradigm for determining the best API to build
  • The value of the DARRT library for implementing your working API in NodeJS
  • The importance of testing to ensure a stable, reliable API
  • The advantage of git-based deployment for posting your changes to production

What You'll Use
Tools/Technologies covered in this workshop include:

  • Curl and wget
  • Git and Github
  • NodeJS and npm
  • Apiary Blueprint, OpenAPI/Swagger, and ALPS description formats
  • Postman and Newman test platform
  • Heroku and git-based deployment
  • Many other command-line tools and utilities

Who Should Attend
This workshop will be a great place to explore APIs and test out your ideas and skills with fellow attendees. Whether you are new to API programming looking to get started or a seasoned professional searching for tips and advice on how to make the most of your API experience, this workshop is for you.

What You Should Bring
This is a hands-on workshop. Attendees should come ready to code in NodeJS using their favorite editing environment. You'll be using git and github and deploying to Heroku. Throughout the workshop we'll walk through creating free accounts on Postman, Heroku, and other services as needed.

As long as you have a good working knowledge of Javascript/Node, a basic understanding of HTTP, and a healthy curiosity, you'll have no trouble enjoying and learning from the workshop.