Tuesday Apr 28
11:20 –
Location: 325-326

Microservices Out In the Wild

Microservices are no longer just for API developers. Fitch Solutions has been building API microservices for years while maintaining a monolithic front-end application architecture. In this talk, Rashid will describe how to successfully migrate to full-stack microservices serving not only the APIs, but also the web components necessary to deliver the features to customers.

The main areas of concern will include:

  • How a service mesh helped route traffic within Kubernetes to support full-stack services.
  • How web components allowed Fitch Solutions to mix and match heterogeneous UI technologies
  • How developing along service context boundaries increased their productivity by removing inter-team dependencies
  • How continuous integration tools have automated security checks that were previously manual
  • How this transition will enable developers to release multiple times per day
  • How smaller, more discrete deliverables have improved the resiliency, maintainability and extensibility of the Fitch Connect system
Derek Ferguson
Head of technology for Fitch Solutions
Rashid Mohammad
Senior engineering lead at Fitch Solutions
Matt Jones
Head of product architecture at Fitch Solutions
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